Praise for the Book

I learned a lot from The Art of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy as no doubt you will. I enjoyed reading it. The calibre of those contributing to this exciting book is evident for all to see. I commend it to you.

David Newton

Founder of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy and Co-Founder of the Clifton Practice Hypnotherapy Training (CPHT) School​

I really enjoyed this book, right from the introduction, which was both informative, but very readable; a term I don’t use lightly for text books.

There is a mix of approachability and professionalism within the text and the narratives, which was a theme of the book for me. This gave a readability, accessibility and curiosity for me as someone who is not a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist. It lent itself to the book being of interest both to people within this field and to the Solution Focused community in general.

It was interesting to see how the profession can hold a combination of styles and models demonstrated within this book. There seems an ability from the clinicians within their transcripts to hold a ‘both/ and’ position of being an ‘expert’, considering brain function, for example, or giving narratives that describe ‘how things are’, whilst at the same time being able to allow Solution Focused Therapy (SFT) to flow into and through their sessions. To do this and not come across as ‘expert’ or ‘uncertain’, is a complex skill, but each of the chapters seemed to offer this range in some degree or another, with clinicians showing knowledge and humanity within their approach.

Strong SFT elements sit within the work; the importance of a clear goal, inviting the client to notice exceptions and change, alongside of an openness to other ideas, such as NLP ideas, as well as science and medical thinking. And throughout, a common voice, which is I imagine the voice of hypnotherapy training and ideas, alongside of rich and different narratives which all show a sense of caring and curiosity. There is more going on here than straight forward SFT, and to me, this is a helpful text to invite clinicians to consider the range of how one might use these ideas.

The other strength of this book is that it shows the potential effectiveness of this model with complex problems, contradicting the criticism of SFT that it is ‘not deep enough’, in the way that work of, John Hendon, for example, challenges this. There was a useful range of problems and dilemmas that added to the interest in the narrative.  This book is a useful addition to the field.

Nigel Smith

Lead Family and Systemic Psychotherapist, Livewell South West and Course Convener of the Foundation in Solution Focused Therapy at Plymouth University

This book, quite simply, makes me feel good. It’s well written and has an enormous amount of knowledge shared by the co-authors that is both informative and thoughtful in content. I can see that this book will be notably useful to the trainee and experienced practitioner alike.

The selection of case studies deals with difficult issues with such ease, understanding and grace. I’ll certainly be recommending it to my peers.

David Mclean

Entrepreneur, Former CEO Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (AfSFH) & Senior Lecturer CPHT

As a psychodynamic counsellor, I found this to be an illuminating collection of case studies that each describe the process of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy. It presents a sensitive look at the therapeutic relationship, working with the client’s narrative and what they wish to achieve, alongside hypnotherapy processes using deep relaxation to work with the unconscious mind. The inclusion of scientific explanations and clinical references around neurobiological processes, makes this book a thought-provoking, accessible and welcome reference for clinicians and students in the field of counselling and psychotherapy. The Art of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is one of those books that I will return to again.

Rachel Lane

Psychodynamic Counsellor & Supervisor